Formative Assessment in the English Language Classroom: A Review of Diversity and Complexities


  • Kiren Kaur d/o Ratan Singh National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University Singapore


formative assessment definitions, formative practices, English language assessment, language pedagogy


Formative assessment has been found to play a significant role in enhancing the effectiveness of classroom learning. However, it is often regarded to be a complex construct given the diversity of definitions and practices associated with it. As teachers play a critical role in the implementation of formative forms of assessment in the English language classroom, this article aims to review and explore some of the diversity and complexities involved in comprehending what formative assessment entails alongside what practices are deemed to be formative. The article argues for the need for teachers to be aware of issues and challenges associated with formative assessment and the need for them to define what they regard to be formative alongside what formative practices should look like within their own specific contexts. This is essential when teachers embark on making decisions in implementing it as part of their assessment and classroom related literacy practices.