Content and Language Integration in the Institute of Teacher Education – Redesigning the EAP Foundation Programme


  • NETTIE BOIVIN Institute of Teacher Education, International Languages Malaysia
  • HASNAH RAZALI Institute of Teacher Education, International Languages Malaysia


Content and Language Integration, Curriculum Design, Foundation Programme, Theme-based, Language Development


This study investigated the use of theme-based content and language integration in an English Foundation course at an Institute of Teacher Education in Malaysia. The proficiency of the pre-Bachelor of Education in Teaching of English as a Second Language (B.Ed. TESL) students was mixed. Often students enter with low academic reading and writing skills. Due to these constraints, a nine-week research project which integrated Social Studies content with Language Development learning outcomes was designed. The project included six classes of term two Foundation TESL students and six lecturers including the Language Development Component Head. The study used piloted pre and post questionnaires to allow quantitative data to be obtained. The data were triangulated with student interviews and their coursework reflections. The findings revealed an increase in motivation in speaking as well as greater comprehension of content terminology and topics. The process embedded skills such as writing a summary, note taking, creating or designing graphic organizers, listening for details, and critical analysis of arguments, understanding viewpoints, critical listening, responding to rebuttals, and reflection. However, ultimately it was the design of the process which facilitated increase in student overall motivation in English language learning.