Do Learner Beliefs about Learning Matter in English Language Education?


  • CHAI XUN YU The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus Malaysia


BALLI, Learner beliefs, Language learning


Despite the advocacy of learner-centered approaches in ELT, considering learners’ role in the learning processes is not yet a trend in Malaysia. This paper scrutinizes the English language learning beliefs held by Malaysian National Secondary School (NSS) and the Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary School (MICSS) ESL students. The two areas of focus are (1) the differences in beliefs between the two student groups and (2) the factors contributing to differences in their beliefs. Students’ beliefs were captured using the BALLI framework through questionnaires and interviews. Findings reveal a critical discovery that should be taken into consideration by language teachers. This paper presents several suggestions in re-shaping students’ beliefs and in creating a motivating classroom based on students’ current beliefs.