Using a Multilingual Approach to Develop Advocacy Skills


  • MARY ANNE VAZ Sarawak Campus of the Institute of Teacher Education, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia
  • MARCUS RAJA Lopeng Tengah Secondary School, Miri, Sarawak Malaysia


Advocacy, Multilingual, Dyslexia, Musical, Drama


This is an interpretive action research that documents the use of a multilingual approach to develop advocacy skills among teacher trainees. The research design is qualitative in nature and is informed by a constructivist epistemology. The respondents were the audience and performers of a contemporary musical drama, Metamorphosis, staged by teacher trainees from the Sarawak Branch of the Malaysian Institute of Teacher Education at the Miri Library. The data collection procedure included interviews and feedback forms. Data analysis was done using the “Three Step Writing Method” based on phenomenology. The findings indicate that the audience had become more aware of the needs of the students with dyslexia. The performers could identify systemic changes and pedagogical accommodations needed for students with dyslexia. The findings can inform educationists and the community on the need to consider the multilingual nature of the community in promoting advocacy for students with dyslexia.